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"Mom, can we visit Grandpa today?"

Keeping families together—that’s the real goal.

It’s the big day! Grandpa is all settled into his new home, and the kids are thrilled to see him again.

We had lunch together as a family, and he shared stories about his life that we hadn’t even heard before.

He looks so happy—he’s busy with activities and making new friends.

Now the kids are playing Monopoly with him in the community lounge.

It’s just so great for all of us to be together again!

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“Thank goodness for Neffsville. They made it so easy!”

When we needed nursing care, we didn’t know where to start.

Then we heard about Neffsville, and we loved what we saw.

Short-term care for rehab and recovery, long-term care, and the special services we needed: Neffsville was clearly the best choice for our family.

The office staff helped us with all the paperwork and figuring out the finances, and they did it all with compassion, empathy, and experience. We’re so grateful for their help.

And when we saw the nurses and aides being so loving and kind, we knew we’d made the right choice.

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Caring for Your Every Need.

Doing more for your family.

Short Term Rehab

Short Term Rehab

Short term rehab care for recovery from illness, injury, or a hospital stay.

Long Term Care

Long Term Care

Long term residence, fully staffed with 24-hour, comprehensive medical care.

Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory Therapy

Breathe easier, with respiratory therapy provided right here on the grounds.

Advance Dementia Unit

Advance Dementia Unit

Advanced dementia unit: memory health care in a relaxing, stress-free environment.

We love hearing from you!

Focused on your whole family, and people notice.

Here’s what some of our families and friends have to say.

Your kindness is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your nursing care and many kindnesses shown to my brother, Phillip, during his years with you. Your dedication to the work you do under difficult circumstances is much appreciated.

David and Marjorie M.

There aren’t enough words to describe wonderful caregivers like you. So thankful for everything you do. Thank you so much for all the care and attention given to our loved one over the past year!


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